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Sustainability Reporting


The current world system is not sustainable and “Green” is becoming less accepted at face value as a statement of environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Economic future is linked to natural systems, and environmental protection to economic prosperity. Many industries and markets are requiring energy conservation demonstrations as well.

Sustainability reporting in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines is becoming the standard and serves as a long-term planning tool which can be used for meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It provides information to make the decisions required to find energy conservation opportunities on a regular basis. (ie: Where will I get my raw materials, energy, etc., in the future? What are my contingencies? What mechanisms are needed to achieve waste heat recovery, etc.?)

Turmoil in the Middle Eastern oil-producing states, the expanding Asian manufacturing capacity in the Far East, climate change, natural disasters, and diminshing resources are accelerating the need for U.S. manufacturers to secure energy or reduce consumption. We can bring possible funding opportunities to your attention, a vital environmental service that our clients are often unaware of, and assist in identifying strategic opportunities and providing assistance in areas of NYSERDA interest including:

  • General energy feasibility studies.
  • Peak load reduction and management.
  • Industrial process efficiency.
  • Data center energy analysis.
  • Energy procurement.
  • Energy efficiency & retro-commissioning.
  • Long term energy & carbon management.
  • Asset management (equipment repair & replacement cost planning).