With 9 Western New York based consultants and pre-vetted freelance professionals across the continental US, Great Lakes has the ability to partner with clients and flex to support their changing business needs. And that’s good news for companies that want to keep their employees safe and adhere to regulatory compliance that will soon see increased focus. OSHA had originally seen some budget cuts under the Trump administration, but now has an approved budget increase injecting $557.5 Million into the organization for 2020. In addition – OSHA is in the process of hiring an extra 26 Compliance Officers and 5 Whistle Blower Staff to increase focus on worker safety.  This will equate to more onsite audits and companies need to be prepared.

                Great Lakes has been providing mock OSHA and EPA/DEC inspections and even shadow inspections together with these agencies for 25 years – which means we know how to quickly identify and solve health, safety and environmental concerns before they become citations.

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